Unique SME development approach.

Blue Nordic Partners’ Master Capital Strategy approach exploits special value-enhancing situations in small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”)  in the real economy to the benefit of the entrepreneurs and investors. Blue Nordic Partners selects SMEs for inclusion into its platforms which have proven business models or unique entrepreneurial vision, with special value-enhancing situations that are realizable in the short-term. The alliance created through the collaboration between Blue Nordic Partners and the SMEs creates an environment for a sustainable increase in the enterprise value and growth potential through jointly developed business objectives and a targeted advisory approach.

Partnership through exchange of value

The Master Capital strategy is based on an exchange of value: SMEs transfer a minority stake in return for what is referred to as the Master Capital Package. This comprises tactical support, know-how, expertise and networking opportunities which serve to strengthen SMEs’ market position, provide access to capital and achieve sustainable increases in value.

SME Blue Nordic Partners

Benefits for investors

  • Increases in value are achieved in the short term through active business support in a corporate advisory capacity.
  • Short-term, low-risk alliance strategy.
  • High yield and dividend potential.

Benefits for SMEs

  • Tactical support plus introduction to potential sources of funding through Blue Nordic Partners’ extensive network.
  • Access to sector specific platforms.
  • Alliances between Blue Nordic Partners and the portfolio SMEs create synergies with shared goals, namely value enhancement and the protection and creation of jobs.
  • Entrepreneurs retain autonomy.

MCP approach unlocks potential for exponential growth

Blue Nordic Partners’ Master Capital Package (MCP) enables collaborations to be organically created without the traditional financial market investments. This way, opportunities are generated to achieve rapidly realizable, proactively managed value enhancements.

The MCP approach is a jointly developed value-enhancement structure in exchange for a minority stake in a target SME, which inherently leads to greater value to the benefit of its platforms of SMEs, the entrepreneurs, Blue Nordic and potential investors.

Value Enhancement

Approach oriented on common goals

  • The exchange of value between SMEs and Blue Nordic Partners is the basis for strengthening the image and the credibility and an improved  position of the SMEs in their market.
  • Unleveraged assets increase their attractiveness for market participants and give companies the necessary room for maneuver to achieve increased structural integrity and sustained increases in their values.
  • Blue Nordic Partners does not seek majority control. Blue Nordic Partners’ strategy is based on minority stakes in established SMEs or SMEs with unique entrepreneurial vision.