Solid Cash Flows.

Blue Nordic Partners AG’s investments are established healthy businesses whose addition to the portfolio, and support through Blue Nordic Partners AG, went hand in hand with enhanced company value.

Blue Enabler

The Blue Enabler companies are available to Blue Nordic Partners and its partner companies as well as all SMEs in providing support for the implementation of digitally automated sales and corporate processes, as well as the strategic development of SMEs and synergistic participation platforms.

Blue Tech Partners

SMEs in the high-tech engineering segment are positioned in Blue Tech Partners, a synergistic participation platform which proactively seeks further strategic participations.

Suter Industries

Suter Industries is a worldwide operating Swiss company that develops high-tech solutions for the prototype market. Drawing its experience from...


Suter Aircraft

With the founding of Suter Aircraft Technology AG in 2002, the cornerstone was laid for the development of a completely...


Cleantec One

The development of new, environmentally-friendly energy supplies and drive technologies has been accelerated by increased environmental awareness. This is attributable...


Procelsio Clinic GmbH

In the healthcare sector, opportunities are opening up for clinics that focus on niche services. Specializing in only few disorders and offering innovative treatment...