Controlled process implementation.

Blue Nordic Partners teams up with SMEs in an advisory capacity to provide supplementary expertise, know-how, tactical support and introductions into its network of experts and potential investors. SMEs are grouped into  sector specific platforms which accumulate know-how, exploit collaborative efforts and increase the exposure in the individual markets. The alliance and implementation processes follow in structured steps.

Step 1: Assessment as precondition for SME alliance.

A thorough company analysis of potential SMEs is the precondition for the development of a strategic plan to increase value referred to as the Master Plan and for the inclusion in a platform.

Step 2: Adaptation of SME approach and alliance.

Blue Nordic Partners and their SMEs implement jointly agreed goals, structures and benchmarks, if necessary involving market repositioning, restructuring and optimization of administrative and operational processes within an SME.

Step 3: Positioning for independent financing.

Blue Nordic Partners’ advisory approach focuses on the achievement of  mutually agreed benchmarks through intensive collaboration between the operational team and the entrepreneur. The advantage of Blue Nordic Partners  is to provide know-how, expertise and tactical support from experts drawn from proprietary business networks.

Placement in market sector-specific platforms.

Blue Nordic Partners’ SMEs profit from the development of industry specific platforms, to profit from the accumulation of know-how, the exploitation of synergies, thus strengthening the market position and financial attractiveness.

Objective: Independent financial viability within the medium-term.

The advantage of teaming up  with Blue Nordic Partners over engaging the traditional lender or venture capitalist is Blue Nordic’s collaborative advisory approach.

By following Blue Nordic’s specialized and proprietary approach and by utilizing its know-how and network of sources of information, advice and financing, SMEs are competitively positioned. Blue Nordic’s objective is to foster SMEs growth and viability allowing for alternative financing options within the medium-term.

Growing Master Capital Portfolio

SME positioning

  • Through the alliances, SMEs are competitively structured and positioned in their specific market. The collaboration between the SME and Blue Nordic Partners provides access to unique market sectors’ expertise and financing.
  • The ultimate goal of Blue Nordic Partners’ corporate advisory structure is to create a pathway to independent financial viability in the medium-term by increasing an SMEs exposure and attractiveness to independent sources of financing, whether traditional bank lending or investor financing.
  • Blue Nordic Partners’ advisory approach coupled with its proactive business support is provided at a strategic level, primarily in management, expertise, know-how, marketing, exposure and introductions to potential financing.