Partnership for targeted inflows of resources.

In its collaborative alliances with SMEs, Blue Nordic Partners develops integrated solutions and unique and creative approaches for the increased structural integrity, growth and increased financial and market performance of its SMEs. By grouping SMEs into industry platforms and creating synergies among the SMEs within a platform, Blue Nordic Partners improves the SMEs positioning in the  financial market.

Implementation of the Master Capital strategy

Blue Nordic Partners provides established SMEs or SMEs with a unique entrepreneurial vision with tactical support, expertise, experience and networks of investors and potential non-traditional sources of lending and publicly available financing. In its advisory capacity Blue Nordic Partners teams up with companies by providing a blueprint for business development and value enhancement. This blueprint is referred to as a Master Plan and the total effort and collaboration is defined as  the Master Capital Package (MCP). It is the product of careful analysis, creative approaches, a surgically focused direction and defined benchmarks. The Master l Plan is structured and drawn up with the SMEs and then implemented together with the entrepreneur.


From operations to funding

  • The organization and corporate advisory structure of Blue Nordic Partners and its portfolio SME companies enable a targeted inflow of expertise, direction, exposure and introductions to investors, creating a model for value enhancement and growth.
  • Blue Nordic Partners corporate advisory model helps create integrated solutions for its SMEs coupled with synergistic industry platforms for an optimal positioning in the financial markets.