Procelsio Clinic GmbH

In the healthcare sector, opportunities are opening up for clinics that focus on niche services. Specializing in only few disorders and offering innovative treatment methods such hospitals, which are also associated with patient-centric care and vastly better service, can and will establish themselves on the market. Current studies and analyses have shown that healing/therapy success is 30 to 50 % higher at specialized clinics than at non-specialized institutions.

The Procelsio Clinic GmbH is among these specialist clinics. Over the past years, it was able to establish itself successfully on the market with an innovative range of services focused on minimally-invasive joint and spine procedures. It performs approximately 1000 operations annually.

It is presently one of just a few institutions across Europe that successfully transplants cartilage cells into damaged hips. In an on-going study, conducted in cooperation with Essen University Hospital, 24 patients who received a cartilage cell transplantation were re-examined by means of dGEMRIC MRT (3.0 Tesla). In each case, the defect had fully healed within 6 months to 2.5 years, with normal T1 relaxation times compared to healthy cartilage. The preliminary conclusion suggests that cartilage cell transplants to hip joints with cam impingement are technically safe and reproducible for select patients. These results are very promising.

Procelsio Clinic GmbH is an accredited center of competence for minimally-invasive joint and spine procedures, especially arthroscopic hip surgery and spinal prosthetics. The hospital’s broad and continually growing experience – along with its innovational energy – is the basis upon which ultra gentle therapies are developed for and with patients.

USPs that were developed over the years are prioritized and, where possible, systematically enhanced.

  • Care by ONE physician – from anamnesis to diagnosis, pre-operative preparation, surgery all the way to follow-up treatment
  • Holistic diagnosis and therapy
  • High degree of specialization – minimally-invasive joint and spine procedures
  • Leading in cartilage cell transplantation to the hip
  • Joint preservation instead of joint replacement

The advantages associated with this concept for patients, physicians and physiotherapists are persuasive:

  • Using the total disc arthroplasty option preserves full mobility of the patient’s cervical vertebrae (rather than stiffening surgery).
  • With the cartilage repair procedure (arthroscopic chondrocyte implantation) that was co-developed by the Procelsio Clinic GmbH hip replacements can frequently be avoided.
  • Application of the AMIS hip replacement method (no severing of tendons, ligaments, muscles)
  • Cooperation with ConforMIS = insertion of artificial knee joints – identical to one’s natural knee (3D reconstruction)
  • Cutting-edge medical care and state-of-the-art technology in a high-class ambiance
  • Highly-specialized doctor and nursing teams (one caregiver for just four patients) ensures attentive and sensitive care.
  • Operating as a private clinic, individuals with statutory health insurance can nevertheless also be offered first-rate individual care (EFE)
  • 'Exposure' to large hospitals with high patient numbers is avoided (no multi-morbid patients, dramatically reduced danger of cross-infection).