Activation of SME potential

Changes to the traditional sources of funding and know-how has resulted in a prohibitive environment for potentially viable SMEs to grow their businesses. Bank restrictions and predatory lenders have impeded growth and business potential within the universe of SMEs. Blue Nordic Partners structures and positions such SMEs through know-how, human capital and introduction to outside sources of funding, unlocking the earnings potential for visionary entrepreneurs and investors.

Established and successful SME

Blue Nordic Partners analyzes enterprises in the real economy and selects SMEs with established proven business models and value-enhancing situations which are both, feasible in the short-term and sustainable in the long-term. Those also provide multiple growth opportunities based on mutually agreed targets and are included in its portfolio  of real values.

Entrepreneurial independence

Blue Nordic Partners supplies business know-how, understanding, experience and exposure to potential sources of funding and the entrepreneur retains control. This synergistic approach guarantees that Blue Nordic Partners is continuously analyzing SME growth within their target markets and only selects established and sound SMEs or SMEs guided by visionary entrepreneurs to include in its platforms. Through this synergy SMEs value-added potential is strengthened, increasing Blue Nordic Partners’ market position, while protecting entrepreneurial independence.

Collaboration through exchange of value

In exchange for implementation of Blue Nordic Partners’ proprietary Master Capital Package, Blue Nordic Partners obtains a minority shareholding position in its target SMEs. A strategy for value enhancement and growth is a collaborative effort between Blue Nordic Partners and its SME platform companies. The alliance is structured on a foundation of mutual goals.

Successful public sector partnerships

Blue Nordic Partners focuses on structural integrity, increased value and business growth, thereby inherently securing and creating jobs. Through this approach Blue Nordic Partners’ strategically allied SMEs are often supported by public sector grants and financing, in particular in Germany. This interplay improves the financial position of the MCP enterprises.

Supplementary tactical support

Blue Nordic Partners deploys know-how, human capital, business networks and introduction to investors, thereby serving to competitively realign its allied SMEs, improve market position and provide access to business opportunities. Success is achieved proactively through this supplementary tactical support.

Synergies within individual platforms

Blue Nordic Partners groups SMEs into sector specific platforms and makes them available to investors and market participants. Under the strategic leadership of qualified, stake-holding industry experts, each platform proactively seeks further alliances and potential investment. With Blue Nordic Partners providing advice, the platforms profit from the accumulation of know-how, exploitation of expertise and synergies between the SMEs within each individual platform.

Strengthening market position

Blue Nordic Partners seeks business alliances with established SMEs or SMEs based upon a unique entrepreneurial vision. Through its corporate advisory Blue Nordic Partners clusters SMEs into individual sector specific platforms. This structure increases value, strengthens image, creates greater market exposure, attracts additional market-specific experts and entices a diversified sector specific investor base.

Yield and dividend potential

Blue Nordic’s advisory capacity in exchange for equity stakes immediately provides real, tangible value without financial risk to Blue Nordic Partners. In addition, the values of the MCP enterprises will be enhanced through the implementation of the Master Capital strategy – to the benefit of the entrepreneurs and the shareholders of Blue Nordic Partners.