Blue Nordic Partners is a corporate advisory firm aimed at enhancing the value and potential for sustainable growth of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) through implementation of its proprietary business model Master Capital Package (MCP).

Blue Nordic Partners provides SMEs (target MCP companies) with advisory services including know how, human capital, in-depth business understanding and introductions to outside sources of funding in exchange for equity positions. Blue Nordic Partners protects the integrity of the business model of the SMEs in its platform and enhances the vision of their entrepreneurs.

Strategic alliances to strengthen market position

A collaboration between Blue Nordic Partners and its platform of SMEs – the remarkable cooperation between the power of innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the business strength and know-how of market leaders. A uniquely allied synergy between an SMEs entrepreneurial vision and Blue Nordic Partners’ innovative advisory model.

Strategic advisory power and business support

Blue Nordic Partners’ collaboration with MCP companies helps create globally competitive enterprises through an alliance that combines the suppliers of individual products and services with Blue Nordic Partners’ advisory support team.

Targeted inflow of know-how and resources

The SMEs alliances with Blue Nordic Partners utilize market potential, improve operational efficiency, strengthen structural integrity, anticipate economic change and enhance image, credibility and positioning in the financial market.

Master Capital Package


Unique SME development approach.


Controlled process implementation.


Positioning for independent financing.


Enhancement of SME potential

Changes to the traditional sources of funding and know-how has resulted in a prohibitive ...


Established and successful SMEs

Blue Nordic Partners analyzes growth sectors in the real economy and targets SMEs with established ...


Entrepreneurial independence

Blue Nordic Partners supplies business know-how, understanding, experience and exposure to ...


Collaboration through exchange of value

In exchange for implementation of Blue Nordic Partners’ proprietary Master Capital Package ...


Successful public sector partnerships

Blue Nordic Partners focuses on structural integrity, increased value and business growth, ...


Supplementary tactical support

Blue Nordic Partners deploys know-how, human capital, business networks and introduction to ...


Synergies within individual platforms

Blue Nordic Partners groups SMEs into sector specific platforms and makes them available to ...


Strengthening market position

Blue Nordic Partners seeks business alliances with established SMEs or SMEs based upon a unique ...


Yield and dividend potential

Blue Nordic’s advisory capacity in exchange for equity stakes immediately provides real, tangible ...



A project of Blue Tech Partners: the fastest two-stroke engine in the world at the toughest race on the planet.

Suter Racing’s distinctions include being the three-time winner of the Formula One World Constructors’ Championship and the sole manufacturer of a modern two-stroke engine equipped with electronic fuel injection and counter-rotating crankshafts. The Suter MMX 500 was voted the most desirable motorcycle on the planet at the 2015 EICMA Motor Cycle show in Milan, the world’s largest motorcycle exhibition.

2016 saw Suter Racing enter the MMX 500 into the legendary Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man (Isle of Man TT), the toughest motorcycle race in the world. Ian Lougher came out of retirement to race the MMX 500, reuniting him with his former rival, Eskil Suter, CEO of Suter Racing.

In collaboration with a technical college, Suter is currently working to bring the fastest two-stroke engine on the planet to the streets: the Suter MMX 500, Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, Special Edition.