Blue Tech Group designated top earner of the week by OTC/X Bern.

Price gains reflect the potential of the restructuring of the former Sutec holding as Blue Tech Partners: on 15 August, the Sutec N share on the OTC/X trading platform of the Berner Kantonalbank was renamed Blue Tech Inv 1 N, trading in the “OTC-X Industrie” index. On 23 September, Blue Tech Inv 1 was named top earner by OTC/X Bern’s market commentary.

Blue Tech Partners has innovative projects scheduled for 2017 for the newly formed, internationally active Suter Industries AG, which originated as Suter Racing Technology AG. These projects include activities in the core competence of engine and motorcycle development. In addition, further projects are to be implemented in the areas of sport and recycling technology, in the latter case by the newly founded Cleantech One AG.

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